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It's gonna be legendary!!'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
It's gonna be legendary!!

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202 Icons (23 - HIMYM) [05 Aug 2007|10:59am]


202 icons:
[55] - The Office (US)
[50] - So You Think You Can Dance
[48] - Saturday Night Live
[23] - How I Met Your Mother
[16] - Entourage
[10] - The Namesake

Includes: Barney, Lily/Marshall, Ted/Robin

• Please comment & credit either blackbird_fly and/or geeksinthepink.
• Please don't hotlink, edit, or pass off as your own.
• These are cross-posted everywhere, so many apologies in advance for killing friends pages.

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[25 Sep 2006|08:52pm]

This episode makes me hate Barney
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Barney Icons [02 May 2006|09:22am]

190 icons of various fandoms: American Idol, Freddie, Gilmore Girls, How I Met Your Mother, SNL, The OC, and Tristan and Isolde.

Includes: 7 - Barney.

• Comment, credit (tutorial) either blackbird_fly and/or geeksinthepink, don't hotlink, edit, or pass off as your own.
• These are cross-posted everywhere, so many apologies in advance for killing friends pages.

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aaaaaaargghh [11 Apr 2006|07:38pm]

s1e18 semi-spoiler warning!

the suspense is killing me...Collapse )

another 7 days *3 weeks?!?* to wait for the next ep :(
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Useless at icons, but... [08 Apr 2006|06:15pm]

...have some wallpapers here.


Not many at the moment. Need to find time to grab some more caps.
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Some Icons [08 Apr 2006|11:23pm]


I've become totally addicted to Barney and have made some Barney icons (amongst some other HIMYM iconage). I thought maybe you guys might be interested so I'm posting them here *grin*

The Blanks can be used as bases or as is, please comment and credit... (no hotlinking please)

more icons...Collapse )
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[16 Jan 2006|11:17pm]

Was there a new episode tonight or was it a rerun? I missed it. If it was new, does anyone have it that could upload it for me?? That would be awesome.
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tonight's rerun [02 Jan 2006|08:37pm]
Does anybody have any caps of Neil in the flight suit? Everywhere it's capped, it's run out. :(
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NPH Color Bar [22 Dec 2005|03:19pm]

Is there a Barney(NPH)colorbar anywhere? Preferably one that reads:

"Barney is Legendary Love."
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[06 Dec 2005|11:46am]

Let me introduce myself...

Im Louise, I started watching for Alyson but soon found that Barney was my favourite character, from the first episode I thought "who is this guy?" I'd never seen Neil Patrick Harris in anything before so this is a good introduction :)

Oh and to the moderator/maintainer of this community, would you like to affiliate with metyourmother?
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[11 Nov 2005|06:10pm]

Ok, FAVORITE BARNEY QUOTES PLEASE: I want to make icons... XD

A few of mine:
Barney: This is totally going in my blog!

Barney: Ted, tonight we're gonna go out, we're gonne meet some ladies, it's gonna be legendary. Phone-five!
Barney does a high five with his cellphone.
Ted's voice in off: I had no idea why i hung out with Barney
Barney: You didn't Phone-five, did you? I know when you don't Phone-five Ted!

(Ok, not actually a barney quote)
Ted: My friend does this thing where he goes to the airport and leaves fake luggage in order to meet women.
Airport Security Guard: No one is that lame.
Ted: He is. He is that lame. Barney, tell them you're that lame.

Barney: You broke up with a porn star? Friendship over. Friendship over!

Barney: One of the 24 ways women and fish are alike is that they're both attracted to bright objects. Don't you ever read my blog?
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WOOO [29 Oct 2005|05:46pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

I suppose it's my turn? Hello people, I'm Laura! I started watching How I met your mother after Zac told me to. And before you think I do everything he says, I don't 0:) He just likes to make me addicted to various TV shows. Barney is my favorite character because let's face it, HIMYM wouldn't be close to funny without him. Ok that was mean but Barney's humour brightens the show a WHOLE lot.

And seeing as Zac and I love Barney so much, not only he decided to make a community but we also have the only Barney fanlisting online! So go join if you love Barney as much as we do!

There, I think that's all for now. And as Barney would say : "It's gonna be legendary!"

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